Sunshine Gift Box

Sunshine Gift Boxes – What Are They and When to Send Them?

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Sunshine gift boxes are a form of a care package meant to brighten someone’s day and cheer one up. As the name suggests, these themed curated gift boxes usually come in bright yellow colors and contain thoughtful goods that may vary by occasion. Sunshine box can be sent as a get-well gift, a speedy recovery gift, a self-care gift box, or just as gift box for a friend to brighten their day when the spirit is down.

Get-Well Gift Box

When a friend or a loved one is heading to hospital or recovering from illness or procedure, a sunshine gift box is a perfect way to lift their spirit and send something meaningful and useful. We recommend including something for the body and soul; a combination of herbal tea, cookies or crackers, body lotion, hair accessories, and travel kit will go a long way.


Pick-Me-Upper Gift Box

Who hasn’t had that moment in life’s journey when nothing is going as planned? Wouldn’t it be nice if even in those roughest moment you knew that someone was there and cared about you? Sending a sunshine gift box to a friend or a relative will do just that; it will be the perfect pick-me-upper gift. Consider the option to build your own gift box and fill it with brightly colored snacks – sweet and savory will do the trick! A great combination will include gourmet chocolate, popcorn, cheese crackers and premium tea. And if you really want to spoil that someone special, thrown in a candle and hair ties, and voila!


Appreciation Gift Box

Sunshine gift boxes are also a great way to express your appreciation for someone being there for you when you needed it, and for being your cheerleader. It’s a means of returning sunshine, or sunshine they have bestowed upon you. These types of sunshine gifts could include a Corkcicle Mug, Bath Bomb, and a Pinch Provisions Kit. With a gift box builder, the gifting possibilities are endless.