Our Story

Mia Bella is a women-owned and operated custom gift box company that provides unique, hand-selected gifting solutions for individuals and companies. For those who know its co-founders, our new, exciting venture is not a surprise. Mia Bella, whose name was inspired by Daria’s witty 7-year-old daughter Mia, is a culmination of our lifelong journey, a journey we always travelled together.

We are a mother-daughter duo who immigrated to the USA from Poland 20 years ago in the pursuit of the American Dream. Little did we know about the challenges, the struggles, the hard work that lay ahead…. And yet despite all the bumps in the road, our perseverance, work ethic, and always having each other’s back, helped us prevail and always move forward, together.

Daria started her career in the insurance industry as early as high school, continued to work full time while attending college at nights and earning her MBA at UCONN. During her days off and summer vacation, if not taking extra classes, she would help mom with work. Ewa started and ran two successful companies – a catering business and a cleaning service – that kept her very busy up until Mia made her a “Babcia”, or grandma….[Admittedly, Ewa’s schedule became even busier then =] Thanks to mom’s dedication and full-time help, Daria was able to continue advancing her career in the insurance industry, elevating her customer service, leadership, marketing, and strategic skills that she has continually applied to philanthropic causes within the community.

20 years later, thousands of personal and professional experiences stronger, with family and friends always at the heart and center of everything we do, we decided it was time to leverage our many diverse experiences and turn our passion for crafts and obsession with gifting into Mia Bella.

Mia Bella’s mission is to help others make lasting impressions and create unforgettable experiences, while removing hassle from gifting. We strive to support the community and procure most of our premium products from US based, women-owned, hand-crafting firms such as ours. We have carefully composed many custom gift box options ideal for all occasions that are ready-to-ship at the click of few buttons. We also recognize you know them best and offer the flexibility to Build-Your-Own-Box if you choose. For those larger and corporate needs, we offer corporate gifting concierge service from start to finish and are happy to partner with you on your special event and promotional needs.
We will meticulously compose your custom gift box, hand-sign a greeting card, and take care of shipping right to your recipient (or you if you like). But let’s not forget about Mia whose entrepreneurial spirit sparked the idea of Mia Bella. She will gladly add any finishing touches such as “Fragile” sticker on the shipping box =]

So look no further, order one of our pre-made gift boxes or build your own gift box from Mia Bella, and let us take the stress off you.

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