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Mia Bella Box

Lavender Gift Box

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This luxurious Lavender Gift Box includes:

  • Mug - 16oz Prismatic | Corkcicle:  The “morning person” of our Drinkware lineup, Coffee Mug makes every day something to celebrate. Whether you're caffeinating with a hot cup of coffee or cozying up with some chamomile tea, it keeps every sip hot for up to 3 hours in style. 
  • Ube Organic Latte Kit | Tea Drops: Cafe style, easy-to-make tea latte kit; Ube, a staple in the Philippines, is made of purple yam with a slightly nutty, vanilla taste. This purple variety of yam is filled with antioxidants to help support overall health, making an Ube Latte perfect for an anytime of the day drink to treat yourself. Each Kit contains 5 Tea Drops paired with 5 packets of sweetened condensed milk. Comes in recyclable packaging.
  • Lavender Purple Chocolate Bar | Compartés Chocolate: Compartés brand new Lavender chocolate bar. A purple, pink chocolate unlike anything in the world. Infused with fresh lavender flowers from the California Farmers Markets... This beautiful chocolate bar is not only delicious but visually stunning, wrapped in a hand drawn ultra violet design that reflects the gorgeous purple hue of the lavender chocolate inside. Handmade in our Los Angeles chocolate kitchens.
  • French Lavender Bath Bomb | Old Whaling Company: French Lavender is a tranquil, floral blend with notes of mountain heather and wild rose. Our favorite fragrance for inspiring sleep and serenity, this soothing scent is reminiscent of a gentle breeze rolling through a peaceful meadow of wild lavender. 
  • Cloud Velvet Restoring Sleeping Mask | FaceTory: A sleeping mask packed with Ceramides, Peptides, and Probiotics to fortify the skin barrier and replenish moisture. This skin-protecting, overnight moisturizer features a thick gel that blankets over the skin, locking in all the nourishing goodness your skin needs!
  • Collagen Firming Sheet Mask | Lapcos: The Collagen PT cell sheet mask is infused with Collagen Peptides, the beloved anti-aging ingredient to rule them all. The mask packs a plumping punch to offer you bouncy, fresh skin and the confidence to go makeup-free. The peptides refresh and revive tired, dull skin and diminish the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines for renewed radiance.