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Mia Bella Box

Whiskey Gift Box

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This Curated Gift Box is a perfect gift for him, whether as a graduation gift or Father's Day Gift. It comes with 2 different glass options to pick from, depending on the recipients preferences.

  • Cigar Glass | Corkcicle: A smoke of genius. Part rocks glass, part cigar rest, Cigar Glass lets you hold your drink and cigar in the same hand at the same time without all the awkward finger fumbling. So you’re free to sip and puff at your leisure. Holds up to 9oz. of liquid and various cigar sizes
  • Bourbon Smoked Salt & Pepper Peanuts | Bourbon Barrel Foods: Bourbon Smoked Sea Salt and Bourbon Smoked Pepper create just the right amount of heat to keep you reaching for more. Enjoy these peanuts alongside your favorite bourbon cocktail.
  • Nightcap Whisky Dark Chocolate Bar | Compartés Chocolate: This dark chocolate bar is infused with the finest whiskey. Deep dark chocolate lures you in closer, as whiskey and chocolate collide in this tempting delight. The Nightcap is pure whiskey dark chocolate madness and is one of the most popular bars. Features a new design with a warm copper black smokey finish. Handmade in our Los Angeles chocolate kitchens. 
  • Woodford Bourbon Cherries - Woodford Reserve:  Oregon-grown Bordeaux Maraschino Cherries. Long stem and no pit! Packed in a jar with Woodford Reserve Bourbon and simple syrup. Perfect addition to Old Fashioned!