Administrative Professional's Day April 27, 2022!

Administrative Professional's Day April 27, 2022!

Employer’s Guide to Employee Appreciation

One of the challenges of running a business is retaining good employees. Even harder is retaining reliable assistants, secretaries, and paralegals. While performance bonuses have their place in keeping them motivated, they may not always make an employee feel appreciated. Most employees don’t leave because they aren’t getting paid enough; it’s often because they assume the employer does not appreciate the work they put in.

If you are an employer that needs some help retaining administrative professionals who perform well and continue to meet milestones, here are a few suggested Administrative Professional's Day Gift Box ideas and why they are ideal to express your appreciation and gratitude. 

Curated Gift Boxes

One of the best ways for managers and business owners to retain employees that adds to the bottom line is to appreciate their hard work. A few words of appreciation and a thoughtful, curated gift box can help them feel wanted and loved.

At Mia Bella, you have the option of selecting from a wide selection of our ready-to-ship gift boxes, or you can Build Your Own Gift Box using our box builder. Either way, curated gift boxes are considered an experience gift due to the excitement around the unboxing experience. We take care of every little detail to elevate that for your recipient. We will hand-write a personalized note on your behalf and can add your company's logo. Each curated gift box is carefully organized, wrapped with tissue paper and ribbon, shipped in a branded Mia Bella eco-friendly box via carrier of your choosing.  

Selecting the Perfect Curated Gift Box

If you're looking for employee appreciation gift boxes, consider what they like. Offering them a coffee mug may seem odd, but employees love their morning joe. Some may really enjoy healthy and beauty products, while others will appreciate unique tumblers or cocktail glasses. In either case, be unique and creative and try to shy away from the outdated flowers, baskets, or gift cards which are the least-effort gifts. 

How Curated Gift Boxes Boost Engagement 

A thoughtful gift can inspire employees to perform at the highest level and be more productive. 

As an employer, manager, and business owner, you already know that finding the right gift can be challenging. That’s why you might want to consider a dedicated corporate gift box concierge service, which makes finding the right corporate gifts stress-free. We have a dedicated team to understand your brand and meet its unique needs.

If anything, our modern and often memorable gift boxes, depending on the occasion, will help amaze your employees. The customized gift boxes will prove that you care and appreciate all the hard work they put in. Furthermore, we can send the package directly to the recipients to really surprise them.