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Why Real Estate Professionals Should Give Clients Gifts | Real Estate Professional's Gift Guide

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Why Real Estate Professionals Should Give Clients Gifts

REALTORS® and mortgage brokers should give their clients gifts to show that they care about them. This can be accomplished in many ways. For instance, you can send them a curated gift box of local goodies to celebrate buying a new home, or you can send them a custom gift box with items they will surely appreciate in the new home. Both options are thoughtful and will help the client feel appreciated.

If you are a real estate professional who’s not giving their clients gifts, here are a few reasons to consider it. 

Stay At the Forefront of Their Minds

Whether buying or selling a home, real estate professionals want to remain at the top of their client's minds. Giving personalized gift boxes to clients is one way to accomplish that. Gifting your client a custom gift box from Mia Bella will have a lasting positive impact and impression. After all, you want to be the first person they think of when they're thinking about the next real estate transaction. This will build a lasting impression on your clients, which will mean more business in the future. When a client needs to refer a real estate professional, they'll also remember you when a friend or relative inquires.

Help Increase Referrals

Research shows that symbolic gifts do increase client referrals. It's not just your old standard, but the uniqueness of the gift box you give clients will motivate them to refer you to others and boost the number of qualified referrals. A custom gift box may also encourage your client to leave reviews and testimonials about the services. This in turn will increase the number of inbound calls to your business. The more memorable the agent or broker is, the more likely they'll be remembered.

Help Brand the Service

As a real estate business or realtor, you may assume that branding isn’t worth investing in. Many realtors don’t work on branding their service, but look around, and you’ll see that most successful realtors are well-known brands. Part of doing that is investing in a memorable gift.

Fortunately, at Mia Bella, we’ve got a large selection of for home gift boxes that are perfect for giving clients. We offer branding service, so all you need to do is email us your logo or marketing brochures, which we will incorporate into a gift box for client that is specific to your brand. In fact, we will gladly create a custom gift box for your brand that we can consistently send to all of your clients for easy reorder.  Contact us today for your branding and corporate gift solutions.